cold feet lyrics nova miller

Cold Feet Lyrics – Nova Miller

Cold Feet Lyrics: When you said you love me/It was way to early/But not a second late/So unapologetic/Love the way you said it/You didn’t hesitate/

change the show lyrics miles kane

Change the Show Lyrics – Miles Kane

Change the Show Lyrics: We’re too busy losing battles/I get by, but I always get battered/It’s about time that we make shit matter/Tighten up you’re belt, don’t give me pitter-patter/

grateful lyrics dhru

grateful Lyrics – dhru

grateful Lyrics: Heaven only knows I’ve been down/Couldn’t see the sun behind the clouds/Wondered if it’d ever come out again/Snug inside the arms of loneliness/

doobey lyrics gehraiyaan lothika

Doobey Lyrics – Gehraiyaan | Lothika

Doobey Lyrics: from the movie “Gehraiyaan”, sung by Lothika. The Hindi song “Doobey” lyrics is written by Kausar Munir and the song has been composed by the OAFF, Savera.

jaanu lyrics hardeep grewal

Jaanu Lyrics – Hardeep Grewal & Gurlez Akhtar

Jaanu Lyrics: sung by Hardeep Grewal & Gurlez Akhtar. The Punjabi song “Jaanu” lyrics is written by Hardeep Grewal and has music by Yeah Proof. The music video of the “Jaanu” song is directed by Garry Khatrao.