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Dark Matter Lyrics : sung by Grace Carter. The English song “Dark Matter” lyrics is written by George Flint, Grace Carter & Henry Flint and has music by Grace Carter.

Dark Matter Lyrics

Thank you oh thank you for praying for me
Thank you god thank you for being with me
I’ve never been religious
Never thought I’d need a father
Most of me is just my mother
The rest is dark matter

Thank you oh thank you for coping with me
And thank you god thank you, for taking the blame from me
Have I pushed you to your limits
Have I burnt out all the bridges
Or am I just another victim
To this dark matter

This is just a letter
I could write so much that my fingers they start bleeding
When I think of all you’ve done it’s so hard to be honest
Hard to be honest
To this dark dark matter

Thank you thank you for being the man to me
Thank you lord thank you for laying that damage on me
Never thought you were a sinner
But I think you need a conscience
Thought you’d be that father figure
But you’re just dark matter

Thank you lord thank you for all of your lies to me
Thank you lord thank you for going quiet on me
I’ll never be religious
And I’ll never need a father
Never thought I’d write this letter
To this dark matter

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Dark Matter Song Info:

English Song : Dark Matter
Singer : Grace Carter
Music : Grace Carter
Lyrics : George Flint, Grace Carter & Henry Flint