cold feet lyrics nova miller

Cold Feet Lyrics – Nova Miller

Cold Feet Lyrics: When you said you love me/It was way to early/But not a second late/So unapologetic/Love the way you said it/You didn’t hesitate/

change the show lyrics miles kane

Change the Show Lyrics – Miles Kane

Change the Show Lyrics: We’re too busy losing battles/I get by, but I always get battered/It’s about time that we make shit matter/Tighten up you’re belt, don’t give me pitter-patter/

grateful lyrics dhru

grateful Lyrics – dhru

grateful Lyrics: Heaven only knows I’ve been down/Couldn’t see the sun behind the clouds/Wondered if it’d ever come out again/Snug inside the arms of loneliness/

face the fire lyrics comeback kid

Face The Fire Lyrics – Comeback Kid

Face The Fire Lyrics: A product of change, through a prodding for pain/Biting a tone you’ve heard once before/The dawning of another inexcusable/Action, remorse without recourse/

the void lyrics muse

The Void Lyrics – Muse

The Void Lyrics: They’ll say, no one can see us/That we’re estranged and all alone/They believe nothing can reach us/And pull us out of the boundless gloom/

won't stand down lyrics muse

Won’t Stand Down Lyrics – Muse

Won’t Stand Down Lyrics: I never believed that/I would concede and let someone trample on me/You strung me along,/I thought I was strong,/but you were just gaslighting me/