lonely lyrics aviva

AViVA – Lonely Lyrics

Lonely Lyrics: I got this fear that you are dragging me down, down/I cannot break it, see the signs all around, round/I’m trying to fight it but I cannot escape/’Cause I can’t get away, no I can’t get away/

in the stars lyrics benson boone

In The Stars Lyrics – Benson Boone

In The Stars Lyrics: Sunday mornings were your favorite/I used to meet you down on Woods Creek Road/You did your hair up like you were famous/Even though it’s only church where we were going/

N95 Lyrics – Kendrick Lamar

N95 Lyrics: Hello, new world, all the boys and girls/I got some true stories to tell/You’re back outside, but they still lied/Woah-oh-oh-oh (Yeah)/

i aint worried lyrics onerepublic

I Ain’t Worried Lyrics – OneRepublic

I Ain’t Worried Lyrics: I don’t know what you’ve been told/But time is running out, no need to take it slow/I’m stepping to you toe-to-toe/I should be scared, honey, maybe so/

crown lyrics kendrick lamar

Crown Lyrics – Kendrick Lamar

Crown Lyrics: You walk around like everything is in control/Favor come with favors and you can’t say no/Go out the way to make the coin available/That’s what I call love/