Like I Want You Lyrics – Giveon

Like I Want You Lyrics: Sometimes I wish you knew/But I disguise the truth/I say I'm happy but I'm still stuck on us,/Mmm, mmm, mmm/Does your mind play this game too?/Think 'bout me and you/I guess I'll just pretend/

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Heartbreak Anniversary Lyrics – Giveon

Heartbreak Anniversary Lyrics: Ooh/Balloons are deflated/Guess they look lifeless like me/We miss you on your side of the bed,/Mmm still got your things here/And they stare at me like souvenirs/Don't wanna let you out my head/

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For Tonight Lyrics – Giveon

For Tonight Lyrics : sung by Giveon. The English song "For Tonight" lyrics is written by Giveon and the song is produced by Akeel, Jahaan Sweet & Sevn Thomas.

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